Secret of Home Cooking

To define the word cooking, it is the process of using heat to prepare foods for consumption. The secret of cooking methods involves the use of oil. Cooking in hot oil called frying, using a small amount of oil is sauteing. While stir-frying is a Chinese technique of frying quickly in small amounts of oil in a wok. With the use of more oil called deep frying is completely submerging the food in large amounts of fat and more.

But more people have become more health conscious, preparing foods in oil has become less desirable. In the arrival of the nonstick cookware, sauteing can be done at lower heat using vegetable broth. And also fruit juices instead of oil. Another way of cooking is stewing or braising it use slow cooking to tenderize a tough cut of meat. These are just a few secrets of home cooking healthy and delicious.

Every day we eat a different meal from morning till evening, and it has a delicious way of cooking for healthy food. The most important meal of the day is breakfast, also the most delicious food too. For a delicious home cooking breakfast, the egg is the most common and ideal meal we love. With the help of home cooking videos, we can learn different recipes. For example, an easy way of home cooking egg recipes. That our children will love plus it gives delicious and nutritious food for them. With the help of those cooking videos and cookbook, we can experiment with different food that is natural and economical.

Because of a busy day, most parents have no time to cook, so they choose to buy fast food. In this way, children and even themselves have no complete nutrition to eat. Other family likes to have home cook for hire which someone will cook for them at home. Home cooking is also a way of family bonding from the busy day.


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